Martin and Lewis: Remembering these Comedy Legends

Martin and Lewis
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Martin and Lewis movies dominated the comedy box office for nearly a decade. Before this, the duo made their mark in radio. Whether on screen or over the radio airwaves, these two connected with audiences in a way that few have.

Dean Martin first met Jerry Lewis in 1945 at the Glass Hat Club in New York City where the two performed their solo acts. A year later the two would team up to perform for audiences at Atlantic City’s 500 Club. Obviously, they were destined for greatness, but their partnership got off to a rough start. Their first performance was a bomb and earned them threats from management demanding that their act improve.

This, however, was exactly the motivation they needed. This was when they developed the stage personas that would drive their success for years to come. Dean was the perfect likable straight man while Jerry was a slapstick comedic force.

Their special breed of comedy led to the Martin and Lewis show airing on the radio from 1948 to 1953 and 17 films between 1949 and 1956. After the two split, Martin’s music career skyrocketed, and Lewis continued to churn out hits like The Nutty Professor.

Unforgettable Comedy

While both men went on to big careers of their own, we will always remember the duo that started it all. Did you enjoy this trip down memory lane? Check out our blog for more like this. Also, remember to follow The Greatest Generation on Facebook and Twitter.