About this Blog

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RememberTheGreatestGen.org is dedicated to looking back at the era of the Greatest Generation.

This was a special time in American history that must never be forgotten.

On our primary site, TheGreatestGen.org, you can read about our mission to pass “The Greatest Generation Benefits Act” which will increase the monthly Social Security benefits of these retirees by $85 a month.

But in addition to our legislative mission, our Executive Director Pat Coniff, and our entire team here, wish to honor the people who make up the Greatest Generation – and the legacy they created.

We’ll take a look back at the people, things, and events that made the era of those that fought – and won – the Second World War and Korean War so important.

So get ready to dust off your All American Five, practice your jitterbug, and remember those moments that changed the world.

Join us for a walk down memory lane, so put on your nostalgia glasses.

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The Greatest Generation is a program of The Citizen’s Assembly.