Do You Remember the Musical Genius of Ray Charles?

Ray Charles had a long and impressive career that transcended musical genres. While many remember him for his piano skills and larger than life personality, his early life was a constant struggle. It was, however, these challenges that helped him to grow into the legend he later became.

Why Ray Charles was a Legend

If nothing else, the length of Ray’s career makes him worthy of legend status. Born in 1930 and dying in 2004, Charles spent the better part of his life performing and playing music. More impressive than the length of his career is the diversity of his influence. He had hits on the country charts and performed with the likes of Willie Nelson while also leaving his mark on rock and blues. Ray Charles is considered to be one of the pioneers of Soul Music for his blend of R&B, jazz, gospel, and blues. These musical influences were part of his history and his passion and helped him to create a new sound that changed music in the 1950s.

Why Ray was an Inspiration to so Many

From a very young age, Ray knew a great deal about overcoming challenges and dealing with loss. He started losing his sight at the age of four as the result of Glaucoma and by age 7, he was blind. While he faced challenges as a child, his love of music carried him through. He learned to use brail music and went on to excel on the piano. In addition to his visual challenges, Charles experienced the loss of his brother and his mother at a young age. What’s remarkable is how he transformed these experiences into music that spoke to the audience and inspired generations. This is why Ray Charles is a legend.

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