Food from the 50s

Food from the 50s was spectacularly unique. America was changing and the food we ate reflected that. Here’s a list of the top foods!

Do you remember: Casablanca

Do You Remember: Casablanca

Few films have garnered the kind of universal praise heaped upon Casablanca. Do you remember this classic film?

Do you remember jukeboxes

Do You Remember: the Jukebox

Do you remember the jukebox? It was an American staple for decades and is an icon from the era of the greatest generation.

Do you remember the slink

Do You Remember: The Slinky

Gaining popularity in 1945, the slinky is an iconic child’s toy from the time of the greatest generation. Check out it’s page on the National Toy Hall of Fame. Do you remember buying your child a slinky? Who can forget how it walks down the stairs on its own or its unique sound? And, of …

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Kilroy was here

Do You Remember: Kilroy Was Here

Do you remember Kilroy was here? The scrawling left by G.I.’s across Europe and the Pacific is iconic and helps define the greatest generation…

Hard candies

Check out these Candies from the 50s!

Check out MeTV’s awesome list of candies from the 1950’s! Which are you remember? Which are your favorites? And which are your least favorite?