Why ‘I Love Lucy’is a Classic

“I Love Lucy” was a comedy ahead of its time. The series was hilarious and changed the way families are portrayed on television. Lucile Ball and Desi Arnaz challenged Hollywood to step outside its comfort zone by showing a white woman married to a Hispanic man. Of course, Lucy and Desi were married in real life, but the move was controversial for 1950s TV studios. When she was pregnant, Lucy fought to allow her character to be having a baby on TV — a first.

This, however, is why Lucile Ball is so respected. She was always the champion for authenticity and portrayals of characters that represented the world we lived in while still being funny. “I Love Lucy” was groundbreaking in many ways, pioneering new techniques — like shooting the show with three cameras in front of a live audience — that became established sitcom standards to this day. Furthermore, it was laugh-out-loud funny earning it a devoted fanbase.

The series was so well put together and the characters were so perfectly portrayed that fans still watch it in syndication to this day, and tuned in for “Being The Ricardos,” a recent film that takes a closer look into the lives of Lucy and Desi. As culturally significant as the series is, we remember it mostly for the laughter. Check out the video below for one of our favorite scenes.

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