Thanksgiving Traditions of the 1950s

1950s Thanksgiving traditions
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Thanksgiving traditions are much the same today as they were in the 1950s. It was, however, a much different time. A day of thanks held special meaning for the ’50s generation. It was a time when the country was moving further out of the shadow of World War 2. Korea presented a new challenge, while new inventions and increased economic stability made life more comfortable at home. In the 1950s, families gathered to celebrate what they had rather than pushing through crowds to secure that big Black Friday deal.

Families were thankful for what they had because war had shown them how easily it could be taken away. Much like today, thanksgiving traditions of the 1950s centered on family and food. The ’50s introduced the frozen turkey, making dinner planning easier for the holidays. Families would gather for the parade before beginning meal prep, and once dinner was served, everyone sat at the table.

In the 1950s, Thanksgiving was serious business. No one was sitting on the couch in sweatpants. Everyone was wearing their Sunday best on that one special Thursday, and they sat together in celebration of all that they had. In all these years, much has changed, but some of the most important things remain the same

At The Greatest Generation, we love to look back. Of course, we can’t ignore that this year is different and the holidays might be harder for people this time around. Social distancing has changed the way we interact with loved ones, and Thanksgiving might not feel the same. Remember that the day has always been more about family than turkey. Even if dinner is replaced by a phone or video call, it is a perfect time to let, those closest know that you are thankful for them.

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