‘Rock Around The Clock’ Left a Lasting Impression on Music — Do You Remember This Big Hit?

Do You Remember - Rock Around the Clock
Photo via Decca Records / Kriegmann / Public Domain

In 1954, “Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Haley & His Comets was first released as the B-side to “Thirteen Women.” It wasn’t until its use in the 1955 film, The Blackboard Jungle by Richard Brooks, that the song became a mega-hit.

While this rock and roll classic may have appealed to members of the Silent Generation and Baby Boomers, Bill Haley — born in 1925 — was certainly of the Greatest Generation.

“Rock Around the Clock” is widely considered one of the most influential songs of the Twentieth Century. It was the first rock and roll song to reach #1 on the Billboard Pop chart, changing music history.

Later in the ’70s, “Rock Around the Clock” would again cement its place in American media as the theme song for TV’s Happy Days.

What are your thoughts on this iconic ’50s hit tune? Do you appreciate its place in music history and still enjoy it in 2023?

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