Remembering Cultural Icon Marilyn Monroe

Via Wikimedia Commons

Marilyn Monroe came from humble beginnings and found her place as one of Hollywood’s most important figures. Born Norma Jeane Mortenson in June of 1926, she lived an impressive, although tragically short, life. Even though she is known as a famous actress and model, her early life was not so glamorous.

Marilyn grew up in Los Angeles where she spent her youth living in different foster homes never laying her head somewhere she truly knew as home. Her fortune changed when she made a Hollywood connection in the most unexpected place.

It was actually during her time working in a factory as part of the war effort that her successful pin-up career began. It was here that she met a photographer and began modeling. Modeling quickly turned into acting and the rest is history.

By 1953, Marilyn Monroe was one of the biggest-selling stars on the silver screen. She was the dream girl of many American men and an idol for many young women dreaming of stardom. There is no denying that Monroe was a sex symbol, however, there was much more to her.

She was proud of her success, but at times disappointed by being typecast and worked to show that she was more than a pin-up girl. Over the course of her career, she showed her skills in both comedy and drama. With famous roles in box office winners like “Some Like it Hot” and “The Seven Year Itch,” Monroe solidified herself as Hollywood Royalty.

We are grateful for Marilyn Monroe and all the other stars of Hollywood’s golden era. Without their contributions, the entertainment world would be a much different place.

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