Do You Remember Groundbreaking Artist Patsy Cline?

Patsy Cline
Via WikiMedia Commons

Patsy Cline was an artist who heavily influenced the world of music in a short time. Long after her 1963 death, Cline’s music is still a part of American culture today. She entered the scene as a teenager and quickly became a big name in music.

At the age of 15, Patsy Cline Auditioned for The Grand Ole Opry and earned some accolades for her musical skill. However, she did not receive a callback and returned home. She did not allow any bump in the road to slow down her drive and determination.

A few short years later,she was performing on Connie B. Gay’s Town and Country television broadcasts. This lead to her first recording contract with the Four Star label in 1954. She had small success with some of her earlier recordings, but it was her performance of “Walkin’ After Midnight” that solidified her place in music history.

This big hit as well as “Crazy” made a huge impact on both the country and pop charts. This is what made Cline such a remarkable artist. Modern-day crossover hits have become more common, but today’s artists owe so much to her. Unfortunately, Patsy’s career and life were cut short in a 1963 plane crash. Her memory and influence still live on today.

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