“Queen of the Pin-ups” Bettie Page Was an American Icon

Bettie Page Pin-Up model
Via WikiMedia Commons

Pin-ups of the 1940s and 1950s were some of the most successful models in American history. They included legends like Marilyn Monroe and the still-beautiful Sophia Loren. One Pin-Up model, however, earned the title of “Queen of Pin-Ups.”

That distinction goes to the late great Bettie Page. Her look was so much different from many of the other pin-up models of the time. While so many were trying to be Monroe with blonde hair and bubbly personality, Bettie brought something different to the table. Her jet-black hair and almost gothic style captured the world’s attention in a new way.

Her seductive eyes and bold fashion drew people in while an aura of mystery made us all want to know more. At once, she was a sex symbol and a rebel striking down typical model stereotypes. She was a one-of-a-kind model who remains a pop culture icon today as her influence is still seen in everything from fashion to tattoos.

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