Growing Up in The 1950s: Do You Remember This?

Life was so much different in the 1950s. It’s hard for people who didn’t live through the era to really understand what it was like. For those who grew up during this time, however, there are some things that are unforgettable.

Being a Kid in The 1950s was a Different World

For kids growing up in the 1950s, it was a time of imagination and exploration. There was no social media, no computers, or video games. Playing outside was the number one activity until the street lights came on. When the kids of the ’50s were not catching fireflies and riding bicycles with baseball cards in the spokes, they used their imagination playing with simple toys like hula hoops, and Slinky’s. It was a great time to be a kid.

Family Time was Unlike Anything Today

Families would sit together at the dinner table back then. This, of course, is something often missed in the modern household. Families also played board games together and gathered in the family room to enjoy the “modern marvel” that was television. No one was staring at a phone screen, and families spent time together.

Food of The 1950s was very Different

It may sound strange to younger generations to think about a delivery man bringing milk in glass bottles to each house. But those who remember, can still hear the clinking of the bottles and taste the chocolate milk that sometimes came as a special treat. That’s not all. Do you remember Fluffernutter Sandwhiches?

Do You Remember The 1950s?

There is a lot of fun nostalgia to look back on from the ’50s. We take these trips down memory lane on our blog all the time. If you want to relive some more from this one-of-a-kind decade, check out the video below from Recollection Road.

Via Youtube: Recollection Road

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