Do You Remember This WW2 Vet and the 1950s Series he Starred In?

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Today, we are going to take a look back at both 1950s entertainment and American history. Today we are shining the spotlight on an actor and WW2 vet. Let’s see if you remember this 1950s tv show and its star.

Do You Remember “Man With a Camera?

The 1958 ABC drama “Man With a Camera.” may not be as well-remembered as some of the other classics from the decade, however, it took a bold approach to tv drama. Not only did it do something special for tv, but it also helped to launch a very long career. The series premiered in 1958 and followed WW2 vet and combat photographer Mike Kovac as he found himself in the middle of mystery, danger, and adventure.

Who Was the Man With a Camera?

Actor Charles Buchinsky got the lead in Man With a Camera after a decade of minor roles. This big break lead to many notable movie roles. His name may not sound that familiar, but that’s because we know him better by his adopted stage name Charles Bronson. Bronson is known for movies like The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape, and the Death Wish films.

WW2 Vet Turned Actor

You may be familiar with Charles Bronson’s films, but did you know that he was a WW II hero? In 1943. prior to his acting career, Bronson enlisted in the Air Force where he served as an aerial gunner on a B-29 Superfortress in the Pacific. He flew an impressive 25 combat missions, including several over Japan. Not only this but he was awarded a Purple Heart for wounds received in battle. Beyond being an action and western icon, he was a true American Hero. Read more about his life and career here.

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