Do You Remember This Classic Legal Drama?

1950s legal drama Perry Mason
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This 1950s legal drama was not only extremely popular at the time but influenced many other TV and film projects for years to come. Of course, we’re talking about Perry Mason. Perfectly blending the drama of the courtroom with the soul of a whodunit mystery, viewers were on the edge of their seats every week as the truth unfolded. Do you remember this groundbreaking series?

Raymond Burr played the title role in this classic legal drama. It’s hard to watch a modern courtroom film or series and not feel the influence of Perry Mason. As a character, Mason was someone who would do anything it takes to uncover the truth. This typically led to surprise courtroom revelations revealing the real perpetrator and exonerating Mason’s client. The formula kept audiences tuning in for nearly a decade.

The series had everything going for it. Mystery, intrigue, and an unforgettable iconic opening theme.

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Perry Mason is certainly one of the greatest legal dramas of all time. If you enjoyed this nostalgic look back at a classic, you will love the rest of our ‘do you remember‘ series. Don’t miss an update! Follow The Greatest Generation on Facebook and Twitter.