Do You Remember These Unusual Foods from the 1940s?

1940s Food

American culture is always going through changes. interestingly enough, the meals we eat are a good way to gauge changing culture. Some foods from the 1940s, for example, were common then but might raise eyebrows today.

Food Really was Different in the 1940s

The 1940s were a very different time. Culturally, the country was nothing like today. Technology was completely different and there were no microwaves or air fryers. Beyond these differences, Americans were rationing for the war effort. This led to some very creative and unique culinary creations. Here are a few of the more interesting selections:

  • Potato and Hot Dog Salad – Hot dogs and salad don’t sound like an amazing combination. However, this dish is basically potato salad with a little meat.
  • Plum Charlotte This somewhat disturbing sounding dish is the direct result of rationing. The name sounds kind of elegant, but it is essentially a leftover cobbler made from old bread and fruit.
  • Waste Not Soup – Another rationing recipe, this soup was made with leftover food scraps. Sound appetizing?  
  • Molasses Cookies – One more fun rationing fact for you: in the 1940s, cooking oils and fats were rationed because of their use in making glycerin for bombs. This is why we ended up with things like molasses cookies. These are not such a popular choice today.
  • Jellied Chicken – When Chicken and Jello come together, who could resist it? This is definitely an interesting dish. Curious? Here’s a recipe.

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