Do You Remember These One-Of-A-Kind Comic Book Characters From the 1950s?

Comic book characters
Via Pixabay

The 1950s were an interesting time for comics. The unique comic book characters that came out of this decade were a direct reflection of the unique times and cultural shift taking place in America. Below are some of the more interesting characters to emerge.

The Phantom Stranger

Interestingly enough, while this character is not as well known as others like Superman or Batman, the Phantom Stranger is quite interesting.He first appeared in 1952, and while the character does appear in comic pages today, his initial mysterious and supernatural origins were a real attention-grabber for readers in the 1950s.

Adam Strange

Adam Strange perfectly captures the 1950s fascination with space exploration. As the space Race was in full swing, readers followed the adventures of Adam complete with his jet pack and futuristic suit.

Rawhide Kid

Johny Bart, AKA the Rawhide Kid was the most popular character to come out of the Western genre that became popular in the 1950s. This heroic gunslinger captured reader’s minds throughout the ’50s and beyond.

SGT. Rock

SGT. Rock was an iconic 1950s comic book character. Unlike Superman or Captain America, he was less of a character focused on extraordinary powers and more on real life heroics and conflict. A World War II veteran, Sgt. Rock became the most popular character in war comics.

These 1950s comic book characters were certainly iconic at the time. Some have lived on in the pages of modern comics even though they may not be as big as spiderman or the avengers. Each of these characters, however, has been very influential in the comic world. For more nostalgia like this, be sure to follow The Greatest Generation on Facebook and Twitter.