The Honeymooners Changed TV in the 1950s

1950s TV
Via Pixabay

The Honeymooners premiered in 1955 and set the standard for modern sitcoms. Jackie Gleason won audiences over with his portrayal of everyman Ralph Kramden. The series was so influential that we can see its impact on television today.

The show famously inspired the Flintstones. Fred and Barney were the perfect stone-age stand-ins for Ralph and his buddy Ed. More impressive, decades of sitcoms that came after took a cue from the misadventures of Ralph and Alice Kramden. Shows like Married with Children, The King of Queens, and The Simpsons would likely never exist as we know them if it hadn’t been for The Honeymooners.

The series was an innovation at the time. Unlike popular entertainment of the era, The Honeymooners focused on people the average American could identify with. It didn’t portray a perfect tv family. It wasn’t about fantastic adventures. Rather, it was about regular people trying to make ends meet. More importantly, it was funny. The Kramdens left a legacy of laughter that forever changed television.

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