Do You Remember the Great Red Skelton?

Red Skelton was one of America’s comedic greats. His comedy goes directly back to the classic vaudeville style, However, he found exciting ways to bring something new to audiences.

He Was Responsible for Some Truly Memorable Characters

During his impressive Radio and tv career, America came to know several great characters. A master of character work, Red created classics like Freddie the Freeloader, and Clem Kadiddlehopper. These characters, among others, continued to make audiences laugh for decades.

The Red Skelton Show Was a Breakthrough in Entertainment

The Red Skelton Show premiered on television in September of 1951. While Skelton had a great deal of experience in radio and stage, tv was a new endeavor. The format became a huge success for Skelton. While the show went through format and network changes, it remained on the air all the way up to 1970.

His Lasting Legacy

Red Skelton had a long career on stage, screen, and radio. He made a great impression on Hollywood on both big screen and small. Furthermore, after his show ended, he continued to be a presence making numerous guest appearances on tv until his passing in 1997. There is no doubt that his work has greatly influenced the entertainment world to this day.

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