Do You Remember Popeye

Popeye meets Sinbad cartoon
Via WikiMedia Commons

Popeye is one of those characters that is a huge part of our culture and history. His first appearance was in 1929 in a comic strip. It wasn’t long before he became the focal point of the strip and continued to grow in popularity throughout the 1930s.

In 1933, the character lept from the page to the big screen thanks to animator Max Fleischer. Fleischer’s series of Popeye the sailor shorts became quite popular in American theatres. In 1942, Paramount Pictures took over Fleischer Studios and further expanded the character’s reach.

Like many cartoons of the era, these shorts took on current events, namely World War II. It was during this time that Popeye took on German and Japanese soldiers rather than simple neighborhood bullies. After the war was over, he continued on in a series of tv cartoons throughout the 1950s and beyond. This is a testament to the staying power of this classic character and his ability to capture audiences.

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