Do You Remember ’50s Soda Fountains

'50s Soda Fountains
Via WikiMedia Commons PumpkinSky

When we think about American nostalgia from the 1950s, certain things spring to mind. Catching a double feature at the drive-in, or playing some rock and roll on a jukebox, for example. Among the iconic imagery of the era, perhaps none stands out more than the ’50s soda fountains where the youth of a generation would gather.

It was common for Soda Fountains to be part of the local drug store offering countertop service to eager customers. Other standalone operations (malt shops) fully embraced the market and became popular hangouts. In our modern days of social media, it may be hard for people to imagine how these places were once the social center of so many American towns.

While on the surface, these ’50s soda fountains seem like simply a place to get a drink, they were an important part of mid-century life. Although we call them soda shops, they were selling more than sweet beverages. In addition to refreshments, they sold an experience. Hanging out at the local malt shop is a special piece of Americana. While, so perfectly representing the 1950s, it is an experience that can never be recreated.

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