1950s Scientific Advancements that Changed the World

1950s Scientific advancements
Via Pixabay

Today, we look at the ’50s era as a memory of the past. At the time, however, society had its eye to the future. It was a time of innovation and many 1950s scientific advancements continue to play an important role in our lives.

1950s Advancements in Health

Health science has come a long way thanks to the efforts of physicians and researchers discovering new answers to old questions. In the 1950s, for example, the Polio vaccine was introduced and the double-helix structure of DNA was discovered. Additionally, the first successful ultrasound of heart activity was performed during the same decade.

Science Firsts of the ’50s

The list of 1950s scientific Advancements includes several notable first. These include inventions we still use today as well as some historical moments that changed how we understand science. This was the decade that introduced the first nuclear power plant and the first transistor computer. Space exploration took major steps as well when NASA was founded in 1958.

The 1950s really did change everything. We enjoy these fascinating trips back and hope you do as well. If you liked this bit of educational nostalgia, check out our Do You Remember series. Also, be sure to follow The Greatest Generation on Facebook and Twitter.